Empathizing with gays and lesbians

If you find yourself corrected for making this error, please try to learn from it. The reason we need to keep empathizing with the LGBT people more than others is because they want to celebrate abominations, while other people recognize their sins and are ashamed of them, or at least admit that they are in sin. It is what is observed in people with a highly anxious-preoccupied attachment style , or very clingy-needy in layman's terms. But it comes more from childish brattiness -- "Like omigod, why would anyone think that way or want that stuff? Gays cannot get what makes other people tick, nor resonate with a random sample of humanity only fag hags who share many of the same disturbances of the homos themselves. Previous studies documented that butches showed a masculine profile and femmes showed a feminine profile in gender roles. At the end of the day, as a biblical scholar, a lover of Jesus, and a lover of people, it was impossible for me to accept their arguments.
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This is overwhelmingly the shape that the interaction takes when a homosexual doesn't vapidly dismiss another's state of mind, and at least claims to get them and feel them. I don't believe I've ever seen a homosexual do that. The discrepancy in empathizing—systemizing scores reflects individual differences in dispositional cognitive style. Check Access Check Access. I suspect that the rumor that gays are so good at empathizing initially spread from a self-selected group of women so profoundly disturbed that faggots could effortlessly understand where they were coming from, and resonate emotionally with them. Similarly, every cool historical or fictional character just had to have been gay -- just had to have been. Are We All Suffering From A lot of what you say about selective empathy is true of people in general, not just gays. It doesn't mean they have to identify with the other, sanction their goals or feelings, or approve of their behavior -- and it doesn't mean they have to do the opposite either. There was a significant sex difference in S, with heterosexual men scoring significantly higher on S than heterosexual women, but there was no significant sex difference in E.
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Sorry, But We Won't Rewrite the Bible for Gays and Lesbians

Did a Black Pastor Identify Posted Jun 27, by Michael L. Interestingly enough, interests are the main thing that separates gays and lesbians from straight people. Or you go be honest and get hounded forever just because of some fleeting, peripheral hunch you once had. Take my boyfriend for example. Hence the robot stereotype. Empathizing and systemizing were assessed using two different abbreviated 8-item scales drawn from longer original scales.
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Description:They're more likely to accept the status quo - as long as they can party etc. Don't know if Bailey's done anything. If you are using triggering language in an educational or demonstrative capacity, we ask that you please wrap it in a trigger warning, e. This tendency tends to make others all the same -- namely, all like me, and therefore easy to understand and resonate with. Demonstrate a willingness to learn. Empathizing and systemizing were assessed using two different abbreviated 8-item scales derived from longer original scales. I am a drug and alcohol counsellor and social care worker. Gays are nearly incapable of empathy with women the only ones who seek out relationships with gays , something I touched on in a larger post about empathizing with imaginary people. This Is Not Satire. Thus, nonheterosexual men have greater interest in aesthetic domains than heterosexuals, whilst non-heterosexual women have increased interest in technology and computers.

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